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Vertical roller mill operation and maintenance methods from CHAENG

2017-11-02 15:50:00

Vertical roller mill cement operating procedures:

1.cement vertical mill after the material should be glued to the cement vertical mill barrel body, the belt of mud, sand, water clean to prevent the cement vertical mill rotation of these mud, sand off the wounding, or make the belt slippery so cement Grinding can not start.

 Vertical roller mill operation and maintenance methods

2.In the cement vertical mill cleaning, maintenance, inspection, feeding, put slurry, sampling, site cleaning must be shut down before the machine and switch on the control cabinet hang "someone working, forbid the boot" or "someone overhaul , Prohibit closing "and other safety warning signs to prevent others from accidentally opening the machine without knowing the machine is hurting on-board operations personnel. Into the cement vertical mill operation (such as picking up roots and other debris), should be set ventilation, lighting, outside the assigned guardianship.

3. Workers in the cement mill must wear a helmet, body harness, enough to wear thick pattern of soft non-slip shoes, to prevent falling fall injuries. Feeding the mouth near the mouth must be equipped with a snap ring and welded securely. Seat belts are not allowed to hang on the mobile belt conveyor to prevent others from being hung up when the boot move, cards, crushing injuries.

4. Cement mill before putting put the slurry before deflating, deflation should be slowly loosen the cement mill cover screw pry open a little operation, the staff must stand on the side of the stomatal, to prevent the vertical high pressure gas cement mill A scald

5. Before going up to a ladder or standing on top of a vertical barrel of cement, it should be wiped off and the dirt, oil and water adhering to the sole should be wiped out to prevent slipping at the foot.

6. cement mill vertical grinding in the work, should be set up around the fence or warning signs to prevent unrelated persons close to the injury.

7. After the completion of the cement mill legislation, should be set up under the cement mill platform under the mouth cover tightly to prevent someone from falling injuries. The hopper to be moved to the designated location on the flat, to prevent the hopper fall wounding.

8. cement vertical mill platform, belt conveyor slope should be welded railings and skirts to prevent items, tools rolled down, smashed people, or smashed items. Metal stairs, pedestrian passage must be welded steel plate, pedal non-slip, and with railings.

9. to increase the temporary fan and other equipment, the wire can not ride on the ground, across the channel to prevent people being stepped on the ground, broken insulation after the car grind caused by leakage, electric shock accident.

 Vertical roller mill operation and maintenance methods

10. cement vertical mill can not be started three consecutive times, should stop the operation to check:

① If the belt is too loose, please mechanic on the belt tension.

② If the belt or cylinder belt contact parts sticky water, oil, mud, sand slipping, to clean it before turning it on.

③ If the ball mill tank height is not enough to add water to raise the level to reduce eccentric moments.

④ After checking the correct interval of 10 minutes and then start again to prevent burning motor.

⑤ After the above treatment still can not be started normally, please call the electrician to check the motor and the line.

11. Replacement of the cement vertical mill belt, to loosen the two large bearing anchor screws, jacking up with cement jacking mill. Prohibit the release of only by the side of the belt bearing screw jacking to prevent the other end of the bearing is fractured.

12. bearing assembly of the heating value is generally controlled at 100 ℃ ~ 120 ℃ is appropriate. In this temperature value, the bearing steel thermal expansion value, easy to bearing assembly, the temperature value will not cause the pan (barrel) fire burning. Suspension of the bearing hanging in the oil heating to prevent burns during the assembly process. Prepare a foam fire extinguisher or dry powder fire extinguisher next to the pan.

 Vertical roller mill operation and maintenance methods

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