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CHAENG environmental calcination rotary kiln meet the different needs

2017-11-08 08:46:42

Rotary kiln is also known as rotary kiln, also known as rotary kiln, belonging to a building materials equipment. Xinxiang Great Wall can provide Nissan 200-1500 tons of rotary kiln equipment, calcination efficiency, the finished product of good quality. Can be widely used in building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, environmental protection and other production industries, to meet the various needs of small and medium enterprises.

CHAENG environmental calcination rotary kiln

Materials from the kiln (cylinder of the high end) into the kiln calcination. Due to the inclination of the cylinder and the slow rotation, the material is tumbling in the circumferential direction and moving in the axial direction (from the high end to the low end), and the process of decomposition and firing is continued. After physical and chemical changes, the clinker Go through the kiln hood to cool the grate cooler. The fuel is injected into the kiln from the kiln head, and the exhaust gas generated by combustion undergoes heat exchange with the material and is led out of the kiln tail.

1, to meet the diverse needs of SMEs

Xinxiang Great Wall production of rotary kiln can handle kaolin, lime, cement, zinc oxide, ceramic sand, bauxite and ore and so on. Production can handle Nissan 200-1500 tons, to meet the different needs of the vast number of SMEs.

2, calcination efficiency, good production quality

Xinxiang Great Wall has been committed to the production of large-scale kiln equipment research, the production of rotary kiln using advanced structure, low pressure loss of the vertical preheater, can greatly improve production efficiency.

3, good environmental protection measures, small pollution

Xinxiang Great Wall production of rotary kiln equipment, heat supply and exhaust gas treatment in all aspects of environmental protection measures are well done, can reduce a large part of the pollution.

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4, easy to operate

Xinxiang Great Wall closely follow the trend of modern technology, the operation of the rotary kiln PCL electrification control operating system, easy to operate and convenient.

5, good safety performance

The structure design and installation of the rotary kiln are independently completed by Xinxiang Great Wall. All the castings of the equipment are also produced by the Xinxiang Great Wall own cast steel mill. The welding is in place to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.