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Deeply explain the working principle of slag vertical mill production line

2017-11-10 09:07:05

Turning slag into treasure and reducing the pressure of environmental pollution are of great benefit. As a professional manufacturer of vertical mill, the production line of slag vertical mill produced by CHAENG is scientific and reasonable with many structural features and advantages. Its production technology and technology rank first in the industry and is deeply loved by the slag milling industry.

Working principle of slag vertical mill

The Great Wall slag mill set crushing, drying, grinding, conveying in one, grinding roller, grinding disc liner with special materials, long life, the whole system sealed, full negative pressure operation, no dust spills, fineness of the material can be carried out Particle size distribution and composition testing, product quality and stability, uniform shape, narrow particle size distribution, good fluidity, the use of new roller seal, the seal is more reliable, and without sealing fan to further reduce the oxygen content in the mill, the slag is to achieve efficient processing The ideal device.

Working principle of slag vertical mill

Slag mill is CHAENGl after in-depth study of the status of slag milling production of high quality equipment, scientific and reasonable slag vertical mill production line works, high efficiency grinding technology advantages, reliable product structure characteristics, by the industry favorite .