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Analysis on Cement Grinding Production Line Production Process

2017-12-01 13:06:33

The composition of cement grinding equipment coarse grinding chamber and fine grinding chamber, then the ball mill cavity is filled with a certain percentage of high manganese steel ball, crushing and coarse grinding ratio of the mixture to be configured, worn out by the cement mill equipment Of the material, through the bulkhead into the fine grinding chamber, and then finely crushed, pulverized material, through the tail of the cement mill discharge, after the discharge of cement mill material through the air delivery, lock air valve, bucket lift ( Bucket elevator) and air delivery equipment, and then into the separator.

Analysis on Cement Grinding Production Line Production Process

Cement grinding production line production process:

(1) clinker unloading, transportation and storage.

(2) limestone, phosphogypsum and other unloading cars and broken.

(3) gangue transport and storage.

(4) stone cinder unloading and storage.

(5) clinker, mixed materials and gypsum storage.

(6) cement grinding.

(7) Cement storage and bulk.

(8) cement packaging and car loading.

Analysis on Cement Grinding Production Line Production Process

In fact, the cement grinding production line not only has to collect the finished cement, but also can purify the role of gas dust, dust through the air inlet into the dust collector, through the inclined partition, turn to hopper, while being inertia, is the air flow The particles fall directly to the hopper, play a dust collection function.

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