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How to deal with the slag vertical mill problems during working?

2017-12-09 17:19:50

Slag vertical mill equipment is a large vertical mill equipment, which is mainly hard grinding slag and other materials, the working hours per day can reach 24 hours, so strong slag vertical mill in the production process some faults can not be To avoid, slag mill is not terrible failure, terrible is the mill slag mill do not know how to solve such a problem, CHAENG after years of experience summed up a few about the mill slag mill solution to the problem.

 How to deal with the slag vertical mill problems during working?

Abrasion roller and disc wear too fast Release method: Roller and disc grinding is the main powder grinding parts, but also the main wear parts. In the process of material grinding serious wear and tear, it will lead to larger discharge, grinding efficiency becomes lower, and even lead to rupture of the liner, a serious "threat" to slag vertical mill equipment safety and normal operation. It is recommended that users regularly check and clean the abrasion of the main wear parts such as grinding roller and grinding disc. If serious wear and tear is found, it should be replaced promptly.

Fan abnormal sound. There are four reasons for the fan failure: the main shaft of the fan and the motor shaft are not in the same position; the blades of the fan are in serious friction with the chassis; the anchor bolts of the fan and the screws of the impeller shaft or coupling are loose; The dust accumulation is too thick. The best way to get rid of this threat is to find out the cause of the problem and then take corresponding measures in time.

Reducer leakage lift method: Slag vertical mill reducer if the occurrence of leakage will waste oil, affect the use of performance. First find the cause of leakage, and then use a new type of rubber repair material repair, the effect is very good.

 How to deal with the slag vertical mill problems during working?

Dust outflow serious lifting method: Slag vertical mill production will inevitably produce dust pollution, the method of lifting the fault has been found, that is, for the micro-grinding mill configuration dust collector, used to collect dust. However, if equipped with a dust collector will appear more dust situation, then it may be precipitator failure, then check the precipitator and troubleshooting.

Micron grinding not remove the powder method: not powder reasons are the following: After the powder regulator is not adjusted, the seal is not strict, causing reverse suction; duct obstruction; pipe leaks, the seal is not good. If the lock will have to adjust the powder lock device, if the air duct obstruction need to clear the air duct, if the pipeline leaks will seal the pipeline can be good.

According to past experience, decline in the production of micro-grinding mill for many reasons, such as slag vertical mill material flow too fast, resulting in inadequate grinding, this time need Adjust the feeding speed and wind speed. Another example is the mill air volume is too large or too small, affecting the selection accuracy, making the decline in production, the need to regulate the air volume; may also be due to the vertical grinding mill wear serious wear and tear, the need to replace the new parts.