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CHAENG φ4.0 × 60m lime rotary kiln introduction in detail

2017-12-20 15:48:54

Xinxiang Great Wall φ4.0 × 60m lime rotary kiln is widely used in cement building materials, chemical raw materials, non-ferrous metallurgy, ferrous metallurgy, refractory materials, ceramics and papermaking and other fields, advanced structure, can quickly improve the preheating effect, increase calcium carbonate decomposition rate, With high calorific value of fuel, the number of low consumption, good quality of lime, etc., can fully meet the requirements of modern energy saving and environmental protection.

lime rotary kiln

CHAENG lime rotary kiln working principle:

Limestone particles are fed into the kiln via a transfer chute and the fuel is injected into the kiln for combustion by the gas or coal from the kiln head. Due to the inclination of the cylinder and the slow rotation, the material rolls along the circumference and moves towards the lower end of the kiln. In the kiln after further preheating, decomposition, firing and other processes, calcined clinker, and then from the lower part of the kiln device into the vertical cooler.

CHAENG lime rotary kiln highlights:

1. High activity products

Under the same conditions, the activity of lime produced by lime rotary kiln is higher than that of shaft kiln, with an average height of 30ml and activity of up to 400ml or even higher.

2. Students, over burning rate is low

Uniform product quality, burned burned rate <8%.

3 more energy-efficient

Furnace design uses a fully sealed calcination mechanism, and the power used in the production are used inverter control and operation, to avoid the phenomenon of no small car and no-load no-load operation, save electricity on average more than 40%.

4. Environmental protection is good

Flue gas in the dust, mixed with CaO dust can be viscous tar into easy to filter out the particles of dust, but also reduce the flue gas temperature, eliminating the need to open the air valve to open the regular cooling and waste of wind, exhaust gas temperature < 250 ℃, easy to collect dust, can fully meet the energy saving and environmental protection requirements.