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Vertical mill technological innovation to promote development

2017-12-26 15:37:27

In the past two years, the economic growth rate has slowed down. The situation in various industries such as cement and building materials is grim. The sales market has a large number of shops and seldom stores. Products are hard to be sold and orders from enterprises in the same industry are not enough. The contracted contracts are subject to the macro-control of the state, And other reasons back orders, eventually have escaped the "closures tide."

 Vertical mill technological innovation to promote development

Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery Co., Ltd. knows that there is no industry in which there is no bankruptcy. Only the enterprises that have been closed down during this period not only actively develop the cement and slag grinding mill, but also focus on product development and technological innovation. Great Wall Machinery adhering to the "world of technology, the Great Wall Chi-making" business philosophy, and Henan University of Science and Technology and other research institutes to establish "production and research base" to develop energy-efficient vertical mill, high-energy ball mill, a new type of rotary kiln and other key state products. At the same time, the recruitment of high-level scientific and technological personnel, college students and foreign professionals to absorb the international advanced scientific research achievements in environmental protection, the formation of its own core technology products advantage, and actively expand the "one-stop" general contracting construction services for the company's long-term development stamina.

 Vertical mill technological innovation to promote development

Through technological innovation, Great Wall Group to achieve rapid replacement of products, most of the current environmental protection policies to meet the development of vertical mill products set grinding, drying, transportation as a whole, increased grinding efficiency, significantly reducing grinding energy consumption.

As for the rotary kiln, the Great Wall Machinery improves the burner structure and adopts advanced processes such as high temperature sealing and heating and drying to achieve energy conversion. In addition to cement clinker calcination, the Great Wall Machinery also expand the rotary kiln new applications, such as lime calcination, chemical industry lime, nickel reduction, iron reduction. The new rotary kiln through technological innovation, more energy-efficient than the original emission reduction.

Through scientific and technological innovation, Great Wall Group has also realized the localization and large-scale production of environmentally-friendly cement production line equipment and promoted the upgrading and technological progress of the cement industry. The Great Wall Group successfully transformed and upgraded the enterprise under the severe situation of overcapacity in the building materials industry, and rapidly transformed and expanded its business in the Middle East, South America, and Africa Other regions began to promote products.