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CHAENG Slag Vertical Mill Detailed Analysis

2018-04-16 16:49:01

As a professional slag powder comprehensive service provider in China, chaeng has its own slag production line research center. After continuous efforts and innovation, the developed GRMS slag vertical mill combines a wealth of manufacturing experience and draws on the German Loesche vertical mill technology and autonomy.

vertical roller mill, slag vertical mill, CHAENG

Since the first slag vertical mill was put into operation in 2007,chaeng has been continuously innovating and upgrading. At present, GRMS slag vertical mill has won the recognition of many steel enterprises and commercial enterprises with reliable quality, and is exported to foreign countries.

Chaeng invested 50 million yuan in 2010 and used the self-made GRMS46.41 slag vertical mill as the main engine. It successfully built and put into production a demonstration production line with an annual output of 600,000 tons of slag powder. The demonstration production line was completely completed by Great Wall Machinery from design to infrastructure to installation and commissioning. Today, the production line runs well and the grinding efficiency is extremely high.The main design parameters of GRMS46.41 slag vertical mill are: the production capacity reaches 90~110 t/h, the finished product fineness is 420~450m2/Kg, the output water is less than or equal to 1%, and the main motor power is 3150 KW. The vertical mill allows up to 15% of milled water, which is beneficial to the large-scale production of ore fines. Good operation, normal indicators, played a good demonstration effect.

vertical roller mill, slag vertical mill, CHAENG

Chaeng not only can provide stand-alone equipment selection scheme, but also can provide the project general contracting service for the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and production of slag, steel slag and other industrial waste slag grinding production lines, enabling customers to worry, effort, Efficiently put in the production of ore meal.