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CHAENG Ball Mill Technology and Working Process Analysis

2018-04-26 10:56:58

CHAENG Machinery is a manufacturer of cement production equipment in China. The cement production equipment of the company is in the leading position in terms of technical process, product performance and quality. The following product advantages of CHAENG ball mill are analyzed:


The screening of CHAENG ball mill adopts a new screening device. The power of this device not only derives from the power generated during grinding of the material in the ball mill, but also uses the weight of the material itself. The screening capacity and efficiency have been significantly improved. . The new screening device used by CHAENG Ball Mill has a large screen area and strong ventilation capability. It will not be blocked during normal operation. The grinding process of CHAENG ball mill has certain leading performance in terms of other manufacturers. The first is the material of the grinding ball. CHAENG uses a high-hardness, high-hardness steel that has been forged on the grinding ball. Under the same weight conditions, the life and grinding effect of the grinding ball is better.

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CHAENG ball mill 

Reduce the customer's investment costs. At the same time, the grinding cylinder is divided into a coarse grinding bin and a fine grinding bin, which increases the grinding quality of the material, but the grinding time does not increase. Customers who require a higher abrasive particle size eliminate the need for a secondary grinding process. CHAENG has always adhered to the scientific and technical reference, based on the customer's demand as the yardstick of production standards, and constantly innovated and improved the product to create more economic benefits for customers.