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The China's largest manufacturer of rotary kiln cost

2018-05-05 15:44:21

Recently, the Great Wall of xinxiang machinery Co., Ltd. has signed f the annual output of 400000 tons of calcium carbonate production line φ4.0 × 60m rotary kiln purchase contract.

rotary kiln, cement production line, CHAENG

It is understood that the Great Wall Machinery has 50 years of practical experience in the production of large rotary kiln, in order to keep up with international technology trends, improve the technological level and the level of competitiveness, the Great Wall machinery launched an upgraded lime kiln, won the majority of customers.Compared with traditional rotary kiln products, Great Wall machinery upgraded rotary kiln has "taller, bigger, more environmentally friendly,"the advantages:

rotary kiln, cement production line, CHAENG

First , the higher: because the material in the kiln even rolling forward, heat evenly, stable product quality, hygiene, burn rate is too low, a high degree of activity can be calcined lime, lime and its degree of activity under the same conditions, the lime production above the shaft kiln, the average high 30ml, activity of up to 400ml, or even higher.

Second, the greater: lime kiln production is high , the Great Wall machinery has built a lot of 150 - 1200 t/d of lime kiln production line is applied to medium and small building materials enterprise, operating in good condition, the production of φ4.8 × 74 rotary kiln to become the China's largest Specifications kiln.

Third, more environmentally friendly : the Great Wall machinery kiln belongs to open wide type calcine, high-tech production process, the kiln body structure is simple, air flow, sulfur smoke gas can be discharged, and sulfur in the fuel is not easy to adhere to, so product is low in sulfur and desulfurization efficiency is as high as 85%.

rotary kiln, cement production line, CHAENG

rotary kiln, cement production line, CHAENGAs the leading manufacturer of lime - he Great Wall machinery can provide customers with a diameter of 3.2 - 4.8 m of various specifications of the rotary kiln equipment to meet 1200t/d lime production line needs , and can provide the design, manufacture, installation , to commissioning, production of one-stop "turnkey" services to ensure that customers can achieve production in a very short time . to achieve mutual benefit and win-win with customers.