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CHAENG Vertical Mill Series - Vertical Roller Mill Introduction

2018-05-09 16:55:46

The vertical roller mill integrates fine crushing, drying, grinding, pulverizing, and conveying in one, with a small footprint, simple process flow, high grinding efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise, large drying capacity, and fine product quality Easy to adjust, no dust pollution and easy maintenance, reliable operation and so on. Especially in the large-scale grinding process, it fully meets the needs of customers, and the main technical and economic indicators have reached the international advanced level. Widely used in metallurgy, power, cement, chemical, ceramics, non-metallic minerals, power plant desulfurization, water slag, slag, slag, coal, cement clinker, glass, quartz, limestone and other industries, large-scale material grinding and ultrafine powder Grinding.

vertical roller mill, ball mill, cement rotary kiln

Vertical roller mill performance characteristics:

1, low investment costs:

The vertical mill integrates crushing, drying, grinding and grading and conveying. The system is simple, the layout is compact, the area is about 50% of that of the same ball mill system, and it can be arranged in the open air, so it can greatly reduce the investment cost.

2, low operating costs and high milling efficiency:

The vertical mill uses grinding rollers to directly grind and grind the material on the grinding disc, which has low energy consumption and saves energy consumption of 30% to 40% compared with the equivalent grinding system.

3, strong drying capacity:

Because the hot air is in direct contact with the material in the mill, the material of the vertical mill has a strong ability to dry and save energy. By adjusting the temperature of the hot air, it can meet the requirements of different humidity materials.

4, easy to operate and reliable:

The vertical mill is equipped with an automatic control system that enables remote control and easy operation. The vertical mill also has a device that prevents direct contact between the roller bushing and the disc liner, avoiding damaging shocks and severe vibrations.

5, product quality and stability:

Because of the short residence time of the material in the mill, it is easy to detect and control the product particle size and chemical composition, reduce repeated grinding, and stabilize product quality.

6, easy maintenance:

The hydraulic opening system of the vertical mill can be used to replace the roller bushings and lining boards by turning the boom, which is convenient and quick and reduces the loss of shutdown.

7, environmental protection:

Vertical mill body vibration, low noise, and the device as a whole sealed, the system works under negative pressure, no dust spills, clean environment, meet the national environmental protection requirements.

8, less wear:

Since the grinding roller of the working neutral mill does not directly contact with the grinding disc, and the grinding roller and the liner are made of high-quality materials, the service life is long and the wear is small.

vertical roller mill, ball mill, cement rotary kiln

The vertical roller mill drives the speed reducer through the motor and then drives the disc to rotate. The material is fed into the center of the disc through the lock feeder and the hot air enters the mill from the air inlet. With the rotation of the disc, the material moves to the edge of the disc under the effect of centrifugal force. After passing through the annular groove on the disc, it is crushed by the grinding roller and pulverized. The material after pulverization is brought up by the wind-loop high-speed airflow at the edge of the disc.