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Fly ash vertical mill equipment helps increase fly ash processing speed

2018-05-11 13:41:40

There are many types of vertical mill, all models, to meet a variety of materials, in strict accordance with the discharge particle size ash is one of the largest industrial wastes in China. With the development of the power industry, fly ash emissions from coal-fired power plants have increased year by year.

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Nowadays, with the development of people, people are raising awareness of environmental protection, the processing of fly ash equipment emerges in an endless stream, and the vertical mills that are built with the new type of heavy-duty machines have made the fly ash, which was once regarded as waste, become a tight commodity. . According to relevant reports, the use of fly ash in China is in short supply. Not only does the local power plant produce more than 4.6 million tons of fly ash each year, it also hollows out the coal ash piles that have accumulated over the years, and even has accumulated imports from other places. "More than 2 million tons. Another aspect of fly ash shows that the phrase “no useless rubbish, only misplaced resources” is a famous saying that reflects the infinite charm of circular economy. Fly ash is processed through a series of related equipment, especially vertical grinding mill, which greatly improves the recycling efficiency. For example, a new type of wall using fly ash not only saves energy, but also meets the requirements of environmental protection. It is warm in winter and cool in summer, and has good heat preservation performance; concrete blended with fly ash is used for paving and soft ground treatment, not only Improve the strength and compression resistance, but also greatly save the cost; added fly ash cement, strength, quality, and become a high-quality high-strength cement.

vertical roller mill, cement vertical mill, cement ball mill

It can be seen that the processing and reuse of fly ash has been used in many areas such as cement, building materials, and soft soil-based landfills. The fate of fly ash this past, in the process of comprehensive utilization, the most important part is the grinding process, grinding process and the choice of grinding equipment is particularly important, related to the grinding efficiency and direct production costs. With a series of professional vertical mills to build a vertical mill, it reforms the grinding process of fly ash tube mills, achieves good social and economic benefits, and can increase the output of fly ash tube mills from 35 to 40. %, saving more than 25%, and can improve the quality level of fly ash, with a wide application prospect.