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Brand Story – CHAENG’s Honor

2018-09-19 09:52:10

Starting from 1958, CHAENG experienced the development process that started from scratch, from small to large scale, from weak to strong, and finally won numerous industry awards.

GGBFS production line, GGBS production line, CHAENG

CHAENG 60year’s development history is also a glorious history:

GGBFS production line, GGBS production line, CHAENG

1958~2000 years, CHAENG transformed from agriculture machinery to industrial machinery, completed the products transformation from “the small cement” with small specification to “the big cement”with big specification, and realized the leap-forward development.

2001~2002 years, CHAENG fully developed in product research and development, enterprise management etc, enhanced the enterprise core competitiveness. Its double slipper mill with diameter of 4.2 x 13m won the national utility model patent,and highly praised by customers.

2011~2015 years, CHAENG’s technology research and development level continues to be improved, and many technologies won the national patent. It was awarded the “Provincial Enterprise Technology Center” and many other honors. Its vertical roller mill is widely used in cement industry, mining, industrial waste slag treatment and other fields because of its advantage of energy saving & environmental protection. It also has cooperated with Shanghai Bao Steel, Indonesia Sumatra steel group and other large well-known enterprises which constantly improves our brand influence.

2016~2018 years, CHAENG successful transformed from individual equipment supplier into integrated supplier of grinding system; lime rotary kiln production technology has also achieved a qualitative leap; actively apply for quality, environment, occupational health etc management systems, work hard to enter international market and establish world’s brand.