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What is the Cost for CHAENG Limestone Vertical Mill?

2018-09-27 09:56:17

The main component of limestone is calcium carbonate. Limestone can be burned into quicklime. The lime can absorb water or become mature after the tide, which has considerable application value. Limestone is used in many ways. It can make glass, refine steel, and act as a filler in rubber, plastic, paper, cosmetics, toothpaste and other industries. It can also produce soda ash and make salt. In agricultural production, quicklime can be configured as Bordeaux mixture. Lime and sulphur mixture and other pesticides, slaked lime can change the acidity and alkalinity of the soil. Limestone is also the main raw material for the manufacture of cement and is widely used in the construction and decoration of houses. Then, what kind of characteristics does the limestone powder mill have? What kind of mill is suitable for limestone powder? The vertical grinding equipment that CHAENG mine specifically produces is the ideal mill to satisfy limestone powder. 

vertical roller mill, limestone vertical mill, CHAENG

CHAENG is the professional manufacturer of milling equipment. During many years of development, CHAENG has accumulated rich experience in machining and manufacturing. It has produced a series of grinding mills for non-mineral powder demand such as limestone, calcite powder, dolomite powder and slag. The powder machine greatly meets the production requirements. The price of CHAENG limestone vertical mill is tailored to meet the needs of customers. It also has a scientific process and is a sophisticated equipment for processing limestone.

vertical roller mill, limestone vertical mill, CHAENG

1. Vertical mill grinding roller has low running resistance and low energy consumption

The limestone vertical mill conical grinding roller has an inclination angle to the grinding disc. The grinding roller mainly wears rolling friction during the pressure grinding process, while the large-diameter grinding disc has small rolling resistance, so the unit energy consumption is low. The composite roller sleeve has good processability and weldability and long service life. The crank arm is loaded, and the swinging arm that is responsible for fixing and guiding the grinding roller is located outside the cylinder of the vertical mill.

2, horizontal grinding disc, center cutting, uniform cloth

The limestone vertical mill powder abrasive layer is only 20-30mm, and the particles are easily crushed, so the energy consumption is low and the efficiency is high. The annular nozzle around the grinding disc is specially designed to reduce the ventilation resistance of the nozzle to prevent the nozzle from blowing up the air flow to cause wear on the grinding roller and other parts. For the ore powder vertical mill, the annular nozzle is provided with a bypass device to make the iron piece The discharge chute without air flow is separated and then removed by the metal separator to reduce the wear of the internal parts of the vertical mill to a small extent.

vertical roller mill, limestone vertical mill, CHAENG

vertical roller mill, limestone vertical mill, CHAENG

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