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Advantages of the large girth gear are manufactured by CHAENG

2018-09-30 10:43:44

rotary kiln, girth gear, support roller



1. Unique heat treatment technology to improve wear resistance

The unique heat treatment technology is adopted during the casting process, which optimizes the structure of the large ring gear, improves the hardness, and greatly enhances the wear resistance and impact resistance of the girth gear.

2. High strength steel to guarantee service life

Use high-strength steel to produce large girth gear casting, and optimize the girth gear according to the transmission characteristics of the equipment to ensure the stability of the girth gear under long-term operation.

3. Strict quality inspection system to ensure the quality

Strictly follow the national 2 level flaw detection standard and implement the 360° non-destructive testing system to ensure the quality of the cast steel parts is reliable and the use time is long. CHAENG is praised by customers as “cost-effective steel casting manufacturer”.