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How to Choose Slag Powder Vertical Mill?

2019-05-28 08:51:09

The price is very important purchase factor when customers choose grinding equipment. The price of the vertical mill is higher than that of the ball mill. If the customer wants to make the best use of it, he needs to fully understand his own needs and equipment performance, and then compare the multiple equipment to choose the best equipment.

ball mill, vertical mill, grinding mill machine

1. Customer's needs

The customer needs to clarify a few questions, what is the material that he needs to deal with? What are the requirements for the output and fineness? Is it a vertical mill or a vertical mill production line? What is the heat source supply? There are many options for these issues, and customers need to have a position on their own conditions.

2. Equipment selection

Currently in the market, vertical mills are in the mainstream trend. Although the price of the vertical mill is slightly higher, the overall operation effect is good, the investment cost can be reduced, the intelligent control can be adjusted, and the fineness can be adjusted freely according to the demand; the single electromechanical consumption does not exceed 30Kwh; the energy saving and environmental protection maintenance is convenient; the original accessories reduce the worries of maintenance; The recovery of mineral powder metal is large.

ball mill, vertical mill, grinding mill machine

3, Manufacturer choose

There are many manufacturers of neutral mills in the market, but there are few good ones. Xinxiang City Great Wall Machinery was established in 1958. It has been developed for more than 60 years. The company can produce a production line of slag vertical mills with an annual output of 2 to 1.5 million tons. In order to better develop the vertical mill production line, the company has built the first demonstration training base of 600,000 tons of mineral micro-powder in the same industry in China. The vertical mill runs smoothly, the energy saving effect is remarkable, and the economic benefits are considerable. The completion and commissioning of the production line marks that Xinxiang Great Wall has taken a new step in the development and production capacity of vertical mill equipment and is at the forefront of the domestic industry.

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