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A brief introduction to the movable jaw for Jaw Crusher

2019-07-02 14:32:54

The jaw crusher is to have a three-phase asynchronous motor and then drive the eccentric shaft of the rotor to rotate the eccentric shaft according to the regulation, while the moving boring head hanging on the eccentric shaft is pushed under the eccentric shaft. Under the support of the brackets of the part, the crushing motorized cymbal can drive along a certain movement trajectory, and then the squeezing of the calibrated plate and the shearing movement, thereby realizing the material processing, and the lower elliptical trajectory will be The higher the yield, the more uniform the particle size will be treated. In addition, when the load of foreign materials that cannot be broken and then enters the crushing chamber is increased, the brackets can also be self-protected without damage.


movable jaw for Jaw Crusher


Great Wall Cast Steel can be customized for customers with movable jaw for Jaw Crusher, which is also a kind of stone crushing equipment. The industry used is also extensive, often used in mining, smelting, building materials, highways and railways. . At the time of processing, Great Wall Cast Steel will carry out 1:1 casting according to the drawings provided by the customers, and it is molded by water glass sand. The technical team then produces the appropriate production plan to carry out the production. During the production process, there will be professionals to control the whole process. At the time of delivery, there are also professional equipment for testing, and only qualified to be shipped.

Great Wall Cast Steel is a professional manufacturer of large-scale cast steel parts. It mainly produces carbon steel, manganese steel and alloy steel products bettwen 1-120 tons. It has perfect production equipment and is looking forward to cooperating with you!

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