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Suggestions for prolonging the life of slag pots

2019-07-25 16:38:54

Practice has shown that the service life of the same batch of slag pots in different use environments is significantly different, and the correct operation of the slag pot can effectively extend the service life.


slag pot


Some factors affecting the life of the slag pot during use:

1. When the slag liquid is poured into the slag pot, it should be dumped directly at the bottom. If it slides in from the pot wall, it will cause impact on the slag pot and affect the service life.

2. There shall be no water in the slag pot.

3. Clearing slag

When the slag pot and the steel slag contained therein are bonded, resulting in failure to properly turn over the pot, it is necessary to continuously hit the slag in the slag pot, and mechanical force during the hitting is transmitted in the form of a wave in the slag pot and forms a superposition locally, causing damage to the slag pot. Therefore, the correct anti-slag-sticking measures and the method of cleaning the slag are the key to prolonging the service life of the slag pot.

1.When making the slag pot, the surface of the inner cavity must be smooth to avoid slag hanging in use.

2.Lay a layer of cold slag on the bottom of the pot. The cold slag must be dry.

3.Anti-sticking agent

The erosion effect of steel slag (the iron oxide and manganese oxide in the steel slag react with the elements of cast steel materials at high temperature), causes the steel slag and the slag pot to stick together. When the steel slag is poured out of the slag pot, some steel slag firmly adheres to the surface of the inner chamber of the slag pot and is difficult to peel off, which affects the service life of the slag pot and the smooth implementation of the slag treatment process. Therefore, the current steel plant uses the anti-sticking agent sprayed onto the inner wall of the slag pot to solve this contradiction.

Advantages of anti-sticking agent:

1. The anti-sticking agent forms a high-temperature resistant coating layer on the inner wall of the slag pot to prevent the slag pot from the corrosion of the residual molten steel and the steel slag, so as to avoid or reduce the sticky slag.

2. Reduce the probability of sticking slag, so that the weight hammer hit after the slag sticking is reduced, which is advantageous to improve the service life of slag pot.

3. The thermal conductivity of the spray coating is poor, so that the temperature gradient of the slag pot containing molten slag and the surrounding environment can be reduced, to decrease the slag pot rupture caused by the thermal stress generated by the rapid cooling and rapid heating, and the life of the slag pot can be prolonged;

4. And due to the function of heat insulation and heat preservation poor of the spray coating with thermal conductivity, the heating temperature of the slag pot inner wall is reduced, so as to avoid the erosion of the inner wall of the slag pot at high temperature.

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