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Chaeng Vertical Mill System Integrated General Contracting Service

2019-10-26 13:37:49

With the rapid development of China's industrial production and the implementation of the new Environmental Protection Tax Law Implementation Regulations in 2018, the recycling of industrial waste has become an important measure for environmental protection in recent years and even in the future.

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According to market research, some steel mill customers will encounter the following problems in the treatment of industrial waste, and will directly affect the production efficiency:

1. Project approval is difficult

2, project evaluation, construction lacks basis, no way to start

3, the strength of market equipment manufacturers are uneven, the service is not guaranteed

4. The project is difficult to recruit and the operation technology is unqualified

5. The expected results of the project after the project is not guaranteed

6, equipment maintenance and replacement is difficult, there is basically no after-sales maintenance

In order to completely solve this problem, CHAENG has continuously updated and upgraded its existing integrated EPC general contracting service to provide customers with a new service experience. From the previous project to the final production, CHAENG has continuously optimized the whole process guidance and equipment main and auxiliary machine processing and production services, and has been widely praised by more than 100 customers at home and abroad.

Chaeng Vertical Mill System Integrated General Contracting Service:

Raw material testing,Proposal design,Equipment manufacturing,Installation and commissioning, Reaching designed capacity and standard,Intelligent service, technical training, spare parts service

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