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Ten steel riding rings of rotary kilns delivered to the users

2020-08-07 15:37:24

In the hot summer, production and shipment of CHAENG steel castings have never stopped. In July, 10 steel riding rings for rotary kiln with a diameter of 5.6 meters were sent to the users after quality inspection.

rotary kiln riding ring delivery

riding rings of rotary kilns

Delivery of CHAENG steel riding rings for rotary kilns

Advantages of CHAENG casting tyres for rotary kilns:

1.CHAENG has professional casting equipment, strictly abides by the national standard level 2 UT flaw detection standards, and performs 360° non-destructive testing to ensure reliable casting quality.

2.CHAENG uses ZG45 and ZG42CrMO materials, the tyres have high strength and good durability.

3. The tyre adopts dual-medium quenching process, which has high quenching hardness, high toughness value, good wear resistance, and can adapt to various harsh working environments.

4. The tyre has a simple structure, which is convenient for manufacturing and daily maintenance.

5.CHAENG can manufacture tyres of various specifications according to the drawings. The perfect technology and strict quality standards can ensure that the finished product matches the original equipment well.

We have been committed to quality and service, and customer recognition is our driving force. We strive to deliver products to customers in a short time, whether it is severe cold or scorching heat, we never stop moving forward!