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Counter measures for paint peeling in rotary kiln machine

2020-08-21 11:19:22

Because rotary kiln is used in many industries, such as building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry and so on. The accessories used in the rotary kiln are also more important, such as rotary kiln supporting rollers, rotary kiln tyre, rotary kiln block wheels, etc. If the quality of these accessories once there is a quality problem, it will directly affect the normal operation of the rotary kiln, so When purchasing equipment or equipment parts, it will be sure to choose a regular manufacturer for processing. The rotary kiln can handle a variety of different materials! The main characteristics are that it is large and heavy, and the temperature is high during work, which will have high requirements. Therefore, the operator must have a high level of operation.


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In the long-term use process, the rotary kiln sometimes encounters paint peeling. After investigation by their technicians, it turned out to be caused by the incorrect adjustment of the flame used, so for this situation, we mainly understand this issue. What should be done when the paint of the rotary kiln comes off? After the paint is peeled off in the rotary kiln, it needs to be handled according to the following situations to avoid causing secondary damage to the equipment:

1. Peel off all the peeled parts until they cannot be peeled off;

2. The peeling position is polished with a steel wire ball to leak the primer.

3. The polished part should be polished about 5 cm along the peeling edge;

4. The painting of the paint can be performed under the condition of normal temperature, and can not be applied while heating; the painted part needs to exceed 10 cm of the polished edge part;

5, paint brushing must be proportioned according to the proportion of paint; when the oil is drained, the oil should be drained through the drain hole;

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