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Ball mill head - China large steel casting factory CHAENG

2020-09-18 17:26:20

Ball mill is widely used in metal and non-metal mining, and building material industries to grind various ores and rocks. The ball mill is mainly composed of a cylinder body, inlet, and outlet heads, main bearings, inlet, and outlet bushings, girth gear and pinion, motor, and other power equipment.

CHAENG is one of the large steel casting factories in China, specializing in manufacturing large steel castings of various materials. And the ball mill head is one of the star products of CHAENG. At present, the inlet and outlet heads of CHAENG ball mills are exported to Russia, the United States, India, and other countries. So, why is the CHAENG ball mill head so popular?
ball mill head, ball mill end, CHAENG
First of all, CHAENG is skilled in casting technology and rich in experience, capable of processing and casting various large steel castings. CHAENG uses computer simulation technology to simulate the forming process of steel castings, optimize the process design, and ensure the internal quality of ball mill head.
ball mill head, ball mill end, CHAENG
Secondly, during the casting process of the ball mill head, CHAENG strictly controls the quality to ensure the quality of the ball mill head and avoid rough corners of the ball mill head.