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How to make proper method to maintain ball mill in daily

2021-05-06 09:30:17

 Attention Instructions

(1) The operation and maintenance personnel of the ball mill should master the structural behavior of the equipment and the name, specification, function of every section.

(2)The operator should keep to the “four set” principle. Lubricate according to the notes on the lubrication chart. The use of the raw waste oil is forbidden. Keep the lubricating point clean.

(3)Keep the bearing temperature lower than 60 centigrade degree. Check the bolts and make sure they are tight and there is no abnormal sound. Check and make sure the ore feed and the water supply both are constant, the barrel doesn’t leak, the electric motor current and voltage are in normal condition, and the shield in the transmission part is in good order.

(4)Keep the facility environment clean. Other parts need to be disposed anytime apart from the operation part.

ball mill

Maintenance Instructions

(1) Repair cycle:

A. a month for fine repair

B. one to three months for minor repair

C. twelve to twenty four months for medium repair

D. sixty to one hundred and twenty months for heavy repair

(2)Repair content:

A. fine repair: mainly check the oil mass, adjust the gap between sections, enhance the bolts, change individual lining plate or check the wear pattern of the lining plate, and repair the feeder.

B. minor repair: check the wear pattern of the cleaning & measurement tooth surface and the lining plate, and change it when necessary.

C. medium repair: change the feeding parts, the transmission pinion gear and the bearing; disassemble and check the speed reducer; adjust the gear after its operation of 3-5 years and measure the hollow shaft after its operation of 3-5 years.

D. heavy repair: disassemble, check, clean, and measure all parts of the ball mill; repair or change the gear, hollow shaft, sphere tile, transmission shaft, pinion, and barrel according to the wear pattern; repair and change the electric appliance, and after the heavy repair to the electric appliance, the experimental operation and the acceptance check must be done.