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CHAENG will attend the 3rd International Exhibition & Conference on Steel Industry in India

2017-03-16 14:41:34

CHAENG (Great Wall Machinery) will attend the exhibition with its energy-saving and environmental EPC GGBFS plant, vertical mill, ball mill and slag pot. CHAENG not only can provide turnkey services of EPC GGBFS plant including proposal design, equipment

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Choose the cement plant machine manufacture

2017-03-15 16:20:01

During the daily use and operation process, the vertical roller mill, ball mill and the other equipment suffering many factors influence, such as, external load, internal stress, wear, corrosion and also include natural erosion.

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How to identify the cement production line quality?

2017-03-14 16:21:30

What kind of method can be use to identify if cement production line quality is good or not, this question has become a lot of buyers troubles that wanna to be solve. Form the basis almost every buyers can determine.

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Introduction of slag powder milling process

2017-03-10 16:12:35

If we use the ball mill to grinding the slag into slag powder, the specific surface area needs to reach 400 square meters per kilogram, if the operate process leads the specific surface area can not reach 400, we can use them into the cement test, the spe

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Annual 300,000 tons output slag vertical grinding mill

2017-03-09 14:55:38

Blast furnace slag is an industrial waste that is removed from the blast furnace when smelting iron.

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Maintenance methods for the vertical mill

2017-03-08 15:04:27

In the past few years, with the vertical mill market is being more maturity, the advantages of its products are gradually showing up. In this case, the cement production line manufacturers combine some experience from home and abroad, great changes have t

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How to achieve high yield for cement ball mill?

2017-03-07 15:47:53

During the cement production process, cement mill is one of the important equipment to preparing cement, improving the cement mill output,it also has the practical significance for cement enterprises to achieve high quality, high yield, and low consumptio

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The running stop solutions for vertical mill

2017-03-06 16:18:58

What is the reason for the suddenly stopped when thevertical mill is running, and how can we do to solve this problem? I believed that manyl friends must be no stranger to this problem if take a long time to use vertical mil.

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The important equipment for cement plant

2017-03-04 14:34:45

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of cement grinding plant in China, CHAENG can also provide you with various other machines, such as rotary kiln, lime rotary kiln, industrial kiln and furnace, grinding equipment, crushing equipment, environment

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What needs attention when rotary kiln stopping

2017-03-02 14:26:52

Rotary kiln equipment are usually in the stands when to turn off the fan , let rotary kiln heat by natural air cooling , in the discharge time to pay special attention to not let the material calcined section and parallel segments .

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Energy saving and environmental protection lime rotary kiln

2017-03-01 10:12:10

Lime rotary kiln is active lime kiln which is the heat treatment equipment for bulk or slurry materials, the machine is widely used in construction cement materials, colored metallurgy, refractory materials and other fields.

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GRM vertical roller mill for slag grinding plant

2017-02-28 14:40:49

CHAENG vertical roller mill is an equipment with the ability to grinding, dryer,powder, and transmission.

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What’s the difference between DCS and PLC control system?

2017-02-23 17:12:14

CHAENG slag powder production line customers requires technology and also explicitly require adopt DCS control system and not PLC. As for the control system, we always hear the term of DCS and PLC, many people will think that DCS is PLC, PLC is DCS, so DC

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How to choose the suitable rotary kiln?

2017-02-22 17:07:54

Before purchasing rotary kiln, the buyer shall declare to the manufacturer:type of materials, status of materials (especially moisture content), capacity, capacity variation range of requirement, the aim for pro processing, the location of feeding (tail o

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How to configure 200,000 tons of slag powder production line?

2017-02-21 15:37:13

With the economic development and the strengthen of environmental protection, the slag powder as high-quality, environmentally friendly cement mixture, which has large application. Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery can undertake an annual output of 20-150 mil

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