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Clinker production is the most energy intensive stage in cement production line

2016-08-30 18:03:41

Clinker production is the most energy intensive stage in cement production line, accounting for over 90% of total industry energy use, and virtually all of the fuel use. Clinker is produced by pyroprocessing in a large rotary kilns.

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The most advanced cement clinker grinding - vertical roller mill

2016-08-25 10:46:57

The Clinker is obtained from Clinker assembling Plants from India, China, Indonesia, Gulf and European areas. The mined Gypsum is accessible in neighborhood market.

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The 5th China-Eurasia Expo---CHAENG(Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery) is Ready

2016-08-24 13:53:29

The 5th China-Eurasia Expo will be held at Xinjiang International Convention & Exhibition Center, Urumqi, on Sep. 20 to 25, 2016. This expo is held with the Chinese Government Support, and undertaken by the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and relevant Na

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Raw Mill / Slag vertical roller mill technology innovation

2016-08-23 12:51:47

Currently, the equipment has been used on a 5.6m slag vertical roller mill of a building material company in Tangshan at the end of 2013. By adjusting the new type wind board reasonably, vertical mill can achieve or even surpass the design production when

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CHAENG Will Meet You at the 21st Arab International Cement Conference & Exhibition

2016-08-19 10:46:59

CHAENG (Great Wall Machinery) will attend AICCE with China Building Material Group, China National Material Group, Hefei Cement Research and Design Institute and Nanjing Cement Design Institute. Booth number of CHAENG is H11.

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Energy saving cement vertical mill increase economic growth

2016-08-19 10:42:58

Energy consumption decreased by 18%, industrial solid waste comprehensive utilization rate of 73%, low-carbon green energy accounts for the proportion of industrial energy consumption to 15%, the basic form of green industrial development mechanism.

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CHAENG will attend the Uzbekistan Mining Exhibition on November Booth NO.A16

2016-08-16 10:39:40

CHAENG will attend the Uzbekistan Mining Exhibition on November Booth NO.A16

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The festures of cement vertical roller mill

2016-08-13 11:01:47

Vertical mill is widely used, but also different from raymond ultra-fine grinding mill equipment, it mutually grinding disc and grinding roller grinding classic way, good product fineness, high efficiency, low energy consumption, but also a kinds of energ

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Nickel-iron slag vertical mill grinding equipment prices

2016-08-12 10:47:34

For nickel-iron slag grindability problem of poor, CHAENG launched a national patent legislation GRMS Nickel slag mill, the nickel slag vertical mill not only adapt to the high hardness materials, and greatly improve grinding efficiency and reduce power c

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How to operate active lime kiln to enables optimized production?

2016-08-09 14:34:08

There are two common active lime production layout, new technology and traditional layout, the presence of difference between the two different production layout, lime production line of safety equipment, energy production will affect stability.

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How to improve the slag vertical mill feed means

2016-08-09 13:48:05

Slag powder is a superior performance of concrete admixtures, more and more applications to the building materials industry, CHAENG slag vertical mill with advanced technology, excellent quality, perfect service system, more value-added services by many b

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CHAENG meeting with you in 21th Arab International Cement Exhibition

2016-08-05 15:00:37

16-18 November 2016, the 21th Arab International Cement grand exhibition will be held in Abu Dhabi. CHAENG (Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery) will carry cement / slag production line, efficient and environmentally friendly ball mill, vertical mill and other

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Several methods to reduce the energy consumption of cement grinding station

2016-08-04 16:30:30

Cement Clinker grinding station is a key link in the cement industry,so as to achieve energy saving we must be from the link, the paper thereon reasonable measures.

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How much money to invest 300,000 t/a active lime kiln production line ?

2016-08-03 15:45:56

Chaeng based on years of mechanical manufacturing experience, successfully developed a new environmental protection lime kiln, has an absolute advantage in terms of production, coal consumption, lime activity, burning loss rate, to customers of all ages.

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Energy saving cement vertical mill strikes

2016-08-01 16:14:11

In order to help the development of green production, green building industry, cement grinding to enhance efficiency, reduce the energy consumption of cement grinding, CHAENG introduction of new energy saving and environmental protection lime rotary kiln

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