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CHAENG Slag Production Line EPC General Package Program Service Detailed

2018-08-10 14:09:35

As a new type of high performance concrete admixture, ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBFS) has all kinds of performance advantages about improving concrete compressive resistance, tensile resistance, sheared resistance and bended resistance. Great

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CHAENG Customize 4*60 Limestone Rotary Kiln

2018-08-08 10:00:53

CHAENG customize 4*60 limestone rotary kiln successfully delivery to customer.Lime rotary kiln is the main equipment of lime production line. It is widely used for many industries like metallurgy, chemical industry, building refractory materials, environm

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The CHAENG Slag Production Line Successfully Delivery to South Korea

2018-08-07 17:41:54

CHAENG and South Korean customers successfully signed a contract for the production of 300,000 tons of slag powder production line. The CHAENG International Market celebrated its 60th anniversary, marking the further development of CHAENG in the field of

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Choose CHAENG Slag Pot, Choose Quality and Service

2018-08-06 09:52:47

The slag pot is the main additional equipment in the metallurgical industry. When the equipment is used, refractory bricks are built in the slag pot for storage, transportation and dumping of high temperature steel slag and mixtures thereof.

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Adopts the Energy-saving Equipment for Cement Industry

2018-08-03 10:45:18

The 4 session China energy-saving and environmental cement meeting of 2016 was successfully finished in Hailuo international conference center.

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High Quality Vertical Coal Mill For Coal Preparation

2018-08-02 09:41:29

Vertical coal grinding mill is an advanced grinding machine, which is developed on the basis of home & abroad high technology and production experience combination of various mills. coal mill vertical is an ideal device that integrates crushing, drying, g

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CHAENG Vertical Mill Development Strategy

2018-08-01 15:25:47

With the rapid development of industrial equipment, the grinding machine vertical mill has entered a mature stage. But at the same time, entering the maturity stage also marks the entry into the bottleneck period and requires new breakthroughs.

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How is the price of the vertical mill calculated?

2018-07-30 15:22:01

As a new type of grinding equipment, vertical mill equipment is very popular in the market. Many customers have a lot of doubts about the price when they consult the vertical mill equipment.

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What is the area of the ore powder production line with different yields?

2018-07-27 15:14:07

CHAENG launched the EPC turnkey service model of the “one vertical mill, eight services” ore powder production line from the pre-project establishment to the final production operation, which is highly favored by customers. Up to now, Xinxiang Great Wall

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Advantages of Great Wall Machinery Steel Slag Vertical Grinding System

2018-07-26 15:08:27

Steel slag is the waste residue generated by decarburization, dephosphorization and desulfurization of iron extracted from blast furnace during steel making. Steel slag powder can be used as cement mixed material, which can save clinker, achieve high qual

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Nickel slag high-efficiency grinding equipment vertical mill manufacturer

2018-07-25 15:04:05

Nickel slag is a kind of solid waste slag produced during the smelting process of metal nickel and nickel alloy, that is, a granulated slag formed by water quenching of its high-temperature melt. With the continuous increase of nickel slag emissions and t

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Established the cause of abnormal temperature of the grinding roller bearing

2018-07-23 14:59:30

Vertical mill is a commonly used grinding equipment in the industrial industry. It is widely used in major cement plant and steel plants due to its remarkable advantages such as good powder quality, stable operation, environmental protection and energy sa

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Limestone grinding equipment vertical mill manufacturer

2018-07-20 16:52:57

Limestone powder is generally divided into limestone coarse powder processing (0-3mm), fine powder processing (20 mesh-400 mesh), and ultrafine powder deep processing of limestone (400 mesh - 1250 mesh) and micropowder processing (1250 mesh - 3250 mesh) )

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How to improve the working efficiency of the vertical mill by stabilizing the bed?

2018-07-19 14:49:26

The slag vertical mill plays a major role in the treatment of slag in the iron and steel industry. Because of its high fineness, energy saving and environmental protection, and stable operation, it has been favored by major enterprises. As customers' dem

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A craftsman insist 60 years, a hundred years Great Wall

2018-07-18 14:39:00

CHAENG main products are:GRM series raw material vertical mill, cement mill that can cater to below 30000t/d cement production line, and the series slag vertical mills with annual production capacity of 0.3 million ton, 0.6 million ton and 1.0 million ton

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