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Key benefits for CHAENG cement plant machine

2017-09-05 15:31:30

CHAENG cement plant machine is mainly including the crushing part,pre-homogenization, raw material preparation, preheating decomposition, cement clinker firing, cement grinding and other packaging process. CHAENG as the leader manufacture for cement plant

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Do you know the skill to choose suitable ball mill machine?

2017-08-30 14:15:23

Ball mill mahcine is an key equipment to grinding the crushed material, and which is suitable for all kinds of ore and other materials. The chaeng ball mill can grinding the ore and other material dry or wet, so the ball mill is widely used in mineral pro

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What should we pay attention to repair the vertical roller mill?

2017-08-28 16:11:04

Vertical mill roller is an important tool for grinding mill machine, it is easy wear, the roller mill sets are easy to wear parts. Xinxiang Great Wall vertical roller mill is made of wear-resistant alloy steel, it adopts T-shaped head bolts, butterfly spr

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How Many Measures of Energy Saving and Emission Reduction in Cement Plant?

2017-08-25 16:08:48

Pure low-temperature waste heat power generation technology, that is to recover a large number of low-grade exhaust waste heat through the waste heat recovery device - waste heat boiler in the new dry cement production line. That will result in superhea

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How to highly improved the performance of lime rotary kiln?

2017-08-22 15:17:31

In order to extend the rotary kiln service time, Great Wall mechanical engineers believe that from the controlling rotary kiln axis offset and reasonably determine the rotary kiln tyre to reduce the thermal stress can achieve this goal. This article mainl

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Do you know the main installation process for cement ball mill?

2017-08-18 14:49:19

Cement ball mill is the larger ball mill machine which developed by the Great Wall machinery , the cement ball mill adopts double sliding bearings, compared with the same specifications hollow shaft mill, the cement ball mill has the high mill cylinder st

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MiningWorld - Kazcomak 2017

2017-08-16 15:41:58

CHAENG (Great Wall Machinery) will attend the exhibition with our energy-saving and environment-friendly dry cement production line, energy saving rotary kiln, new GRM series vertical roller mill, ball mill and new technology of grinding industrial waste

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Several Suggestions and Opinions for Cement Vertical Mill

2017-08-15 15:33:07

As the leader equipment manufacturing,CHAENG always pay attention to the production demand of cement, metallurgy and chemical industry. With the milling equipment industry development, CHAENG provide excellent quality and service, effectively breaking the

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Why does CHAENG large-scale grinding equipment has high reputation?

2017-08-12 15:53:37

In order to meet the current low-carbon economic development trend, Xinxiang Great Wall mechanery invested 50 million RMB to build the powder production line which can show to customers directly, independent research and development, constructed annual 60

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Hot summer, CHAENG usher in the international customers visit climax

2017-08-10 16:32:54

With the CHAENGl international market visibility and reputation is continuous improvement, the Russia, Nicaragua, India, South Korea, Tanzania, Uzbekistan and other new and old customers come to visit the CHAENG(Xinxiang Great Wall), to discuss cooperatio

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Why to choose vertical roller mill and not ball mill

2017-08-09 15:40:00

Ball mills, that are commonly used for finish grinding, have high energy demands, consuming up to 30-42 kWh/t clinker depending on the fineness of the cement. Complete replacement of ball mills by vertical roller mills (VRMs) with an integral separator as

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CHAENG slag pots passed acceptance and delivered successfully to the South African branch of Mittal

2017-08-08 14:56:19

Recently, three pieces of slag pots made by CHAENG (Great Wall Steel Casting) for South Africa branch of Mittal Steel Group passed the acceptance and sent to South Africa successfully.

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What are the benefits of investing in the active lime production line?

2017-08-01 10:11:10

Faced with the increasingly serious environmental problems, the state vigorously promote sustainable development and energy saving and environmental protection road, vigorously strengthen the support of new environmental protection cause. This initiative,

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CHAENG cement rotary kiln detailed structure and introduction

2017-07-31 15:48:48

Cement production has been one of the most energy intensive industries in the world. In order to produce clinker, rotary kilns are widely used in cement plants.

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Large Cast-Steel Gear Ring Manufacturer in China

2017-07-29 15:25:28

Cast-Steel Gear Ring Large Gear RingChina’s total output of castings has been ranked first in the world for 9 years in a row, which can be described as the deserved world’s big casting producer, while China is faced with a serious overproduction at the sa

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