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In steel slag processing plant,how to deal with dump slag?
2016-01-19 14:24:40

In steel slag processing plant,they need have direct furnace digging capabilities with enhanced front-end specialty loaders. These specialty loaders are also used in digging the blast furnace pits at our integrated locations. In addition, we design, construct, own, and maintain the water systems, pits, and dumping stations for our slag haulers.

slag_02.jpg  Great Wall Steel casting Company is able to reclaim scrap that is high in metallic content. We accomplish this through the use of scrap / slag separator plants which are custom designed to satisfy the requirements of each steel operation we service. The reclaimed metallic scrap is returned to the steel making and iron making facilities or sold externally by Great Wall Steel casting Company. The remaining slag is crushed and sized for use on-site or sold as an aggregate in a variety of markets.

  Great Wall Steel casting Company is capable of reclaiming ferrous and non-ferrous metallics dependent upon our customers product.

  Great Wall Steel casting Company is very conscious of the impact and implications of environmental regulations. All of our processing plants are permitted by state.