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The ROI of slag grinding plant
2016-01-25 14:48:26

  Why choose vertical mill for slag grinding ?

  Energy-saving, environment friendly, simple process, high intelligence

  GWVM.jpgNowadays, the slag vertical roller mills are widely accepted by customers, but some customers may still doubt about the vertical roller mill and ball mill. By doing research in more than 10 customers factory, we have summed up these difference between this two kinds of mills.

  As the important equivalent substitutes for cement production, slag powder can not only significantly improve the overall performance of cement and concrete, but also significantly reduce the production cost. Now it has been widely used in cement plant, grinding station and steel factories as a new kind of high effectively admixtures. For this situation, we may say: "who first invests will first benefits."

  Also, Great Wall Machinery has constructed the first 600,000 t/a slag grinding line in this industry, with a waste slag (like blast furnace slag, Steel slag and nickel slag) analysis center .With the rich industry experience and advanced technology, Great Wall Machinery can provide the qualified turnkey service from research report, raw materials analysis, designing, equipment manufacturing, civil construction, installation, test and training.

  Slag grinding line investment returns analysis

  Take our 600,000 t/a slag power production line as an example, the total investment of this project is RMB 50 million. It took into production on April, 2011. Within 2 years, all the investments has returned and now is benefits. The investment details list as below:


Suggestions for the equipment selection:

  Great Wall Machinery already has more than more than 100 customers recently, among them, the capacity of 1 million t/a, 600,000 t/a and 300,000 t/a has occupied more than 80%. Below sheet has show the main equipment specs and parameters of these three capacities.