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1000 tons / day concentrator ball mill should be equipped with what?

2016-04-08 10:59:12

With the continuous development of the mineral processing industry, lead, zinc, iron ore, tungsten ore, antimony ore and other applications more widely, the market prospects are good, but also to the larger production scale beneficiation.

The first step is to beneficiation processes crusher, crusher mainly divided into single-stage and multi-stage crushing crushing no longer here to say more.

The second step is grinding. Grinding the ore material must reach 0.1-0.3mm, and sometimes must reach fineness 0.05-0.074mm below, which can be useful to separate the minerals from the ore. It can be said, is inversely proportional to the effective utilization of the ore beneficiation and grinding of ore particle size, grinding finer, the higher the effective utilization, so that the election can be improved mineral.

So, what are the ore grinding equipment? What kind of grinding efficiency is good?

As from 1958 focused on large-scale grinding equipment manufacturers, Chaeng(Great Wall Machinery) in recent years has provide various types of beneficiation ball mill, rod mill, vertical mill, its production capacity is mainly 200-2000TPD for the customers to meet their production needs , has won wide acclaim of all customers in the region, a high degree of market acclaim.

Chaeng mechanical engineers introduce us , Chaeng energy ball mill by grinding can be divided into many types: open circuit ball mill, Closed-circuit ball mill or loop flow mill; different ways of supporting further divided siding shoe ball mill, bearing ball mill, rolling mill; also because of the different way of transmission positions a distinction transmission edge and the center of the drive. Model mainly: φ2.4 × 13, φ2.6 × 13, φ3.2 × 13, φ3.8 × 13, φ4 × 13, φ4.2 × 13, etc., that Ore-dressing ball mill length 13m, diameter can between 2.4-4.2 meters.

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Chaeng new type ball mill equipment to introduce internationally advanced technology, low energy consumption, high yield, fully automated production is more significant, producing uniform particle size, particle size to meet different needs, adapt to a variety of materials, a variety of working conditions, the market lead, zinc, iron ore, tungsten ore, antimony ore production choice.

1000 tons / day concentrator ball mill should be equipped with what?

Recently, customers from China Xinjiang came to the Chaeng for consultation, to zinc tin ore production line technological transformation, you need a meet 1000 tons/day of ball mill, after the initial communication, customers choose a length of 13 meters and a diameter of 3.8 m loop flow mill.