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Slag Powder Processing Plants

2016-04-14 15:13:42

The Main Equipment Selection in Slag Powder Processing Plants:

Vertical mill (also known as the vertical roller mill) is a suitable hardness material or material grind ability larger differences, material circulation volume, low noise, high operation rate.

The appearances and particle size distribution of slag micro-powder produced by vertical mill were researched with scanning electron microscope and laser particle size analyzer. The results showed that the vertical mill is energy saving 30% than a ball mill.

slag powder mill.jpg

Advantages of Water Slag Micro Powder:

(1) Blast furnace slag powder concrete slump can meet a variety of performance concrete requirements, high volume of concrete grout, concrete work-ability, and cohesion and segregation resistance performance;

(2) Blast furnace slag powder concrete strength meet the design requirements, and has high rich;

(3) Blast furnace slag powder concrete can be added into the 20 - 50% of the blast furnace slag powder, can save cost 10, 20 RMB, economic benefits is obviously;

(4) The concrete mixed with fine powder of blast furnace slag at the same time, does not need to reduce the amount of fly ash;

(5) With high slag powder concrete has good sulfate resistance, resistance to chloride ion erosion, is favorable for improving the concrete durability.

Slag powder processing equipment is used widely in slag processing industry including slag powder crusher or slag crushers for primary crushing, slag powder mill or slag grinder mills used for grinding slag materials.