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Environmental protection lime kiln equipment price how much money?

2016-04-19 14:24:16

What kind of lime rotary kiln more environmentally friendly? How much is the most environmentally friendly lime kiln? As a renowned Chinese manufacturer of lime kiln, Chaeng ( Great Wall Machinery ) using the latest technology to create cost-effective lime kiln equipment, to produce high quality lime while minimizing environmental destruction,it is a kind of environmental protection, energy saving, high automation and control of new environmentally friendly lime kiln. So, this rotary kiln was good?

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First, the international leader in technology innovation

Lime kiln belonging open calcining, high-tech production process, the material in the kiln even rolling forward, heat evenly, stable product quality, raw, burnt a lower rate;

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The use of advanced structure, low loss vertical preheater can effectively improve preheating, improve production efficiency;

Furnace firing mechanism is fully sealed design, kiln refractory insulation refractory multilayer, mild good design life of the furnace fire-resistant insulation in more than five years. For efficient use of energy, the use of the upper and lower furnace heat exchange, greatly reducing the limit from the upper and lower heat dissipation.

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Second, low energy consumption, corporate Favorites

Power used in the production are used to control the drive and run, to avoid big horse cart-load and no-load operation of the phenomenon, the average energy savings of 40% or more.

Third, Low Pollution, Environment protecting

Kiln simple structure, airflow, the gas can be discharged in the sulfur smoke, fuel sulfur easy attachment, and thus lower product sulfur content, desulfurization efficiency up to 85%;

Production process waste gas is discharged through the exhaust pipe, the initial cyclone dust collector, after the incorporation of cold air into the air box pulse bag filter dust collector again (inlet air temperature <250 ℃), and then by the high temperature exhaust fan into the chimney, it can fully meet modern environmental requirements;

Waste heat can be used as a blast furnace gas and other fuels more environmentally friendly;

Dust point blanking point, cooler, conveyor belts and other bulk of the belt are provided between collecting dust collector were to meet environmental requirements.

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The above points on the Chaeng with an annual output of mechanical Guangxi Hua Yan of China customers environmentally friendly kiln 100,000 tons of calcium carbonate production line provided in the project has been fully verified! Not only that, high activity lime kiln calcination Chaeng better, in the same conditions lower than the average high shaft kiln 30ml, activity of up to 400ml, widely praised by customers! How much environmental protection lime kiln equipment? Please click on the consultation online customer service! we will provide you with a detailed advisory services!