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Nickel slag powder made of mineral admixture in concrete application made new progress

2016-07-07 16:51:18

 Nickel slag is refining metallic nickel or a solid waste generated in the nickel alloy smelting process, a granulated slag smelting process at high temperature after the formation of cold water quenching. In recent years, China's industrial development generated a lot of waste nickel slag, currently China's comprehensive utilization of these waste nickel slag lower, more open dumps, so as to bring the occupation of land, soil pollution, water pollution and a series of Social Issues.

How to use nickel slag become a serious problem. after Nickel slag grinding into powder comparison with the fly ash, slag activity showed that the nickel slag powder has potential activity, but lower activity, stimulate slow early strength of concrete is almost no contribution . But its fineness is small, with Fly Ash and Mineral complex cooperation mineral admixtures, mixed concrete.

So, in the end how nickel slag powder in the form of mineral admixtures in concrete applications?What's the most suitable dosage ?

To clarify this issue, one company to do a well-known concrete test: grinding nickel slag powder in the form of mineral admixtures added to the concrete, and with the C20, C25, C30 grade concrete than the three 0% substitute respectively, 30%, 50%, 70% and 100% of the fly ash to concrete mixture workability, compressive strength were studied.

Turn out:

Adding an excess of nickel slag powder will affect the workability of concrete, and a large amount of bleeding phenomenon, and with the increase of the nickel content of the slag powder, concrete strength decreased. Comprehensive impact of nickel slag powder on concrete workability and compressive strength, when fly ash replacement level of 50%, both to meet the strength requirements, while maintaining good workability, but also on industrial waste recycling use, resulting in better economic and social value.

So how to deal with Nickel slag?

With the development trend of industrial grinding technology advances and energy saving, nickel slag vertical mill has become the current mainstream nickel slag processing equipment. Nickel slag vertical mill equipment-crushing, grinding, drying, separator as a whole, a good grinding efficiency, the process is simple, low energy consumption, low maintenance costs subsequent production, can realize high input and high output.


In summary, you can learn:

1. Nickel slag powder has potential activity, but lower activity

2. Nickel slag powder on the early strength of the concrete does not contribute

3. Nickel Slag poor water retention, less water demand, the water and fly ash with comparative tests can be seen more of nickel slag powder content, the more serious bleeding phenomenon

4. The nickel slag powder can replace the same amount of fly ash as a mineral admixture in concrete applications

5. The vertical roller mill is an environment protecting equipment in nickel slag powder production