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Chaeng dedicated vertical mill slag production line

2016-07-20 17:06:23

 As a major mining equipment manufacturer,Chaengs' grinding equipment experienced half a century of development, independent innovation in the introduction of foreign advanced technology, based on, and promote the further development of ultra-fine powder technology.


Chaeng In response to the State efficient, environmentally friendly energy policy appeal, which started towards the intelligent milling equipment, energy saving direction, GRM series vertical mill slag production line is introduced into the developing efficient and environmentally friendly equipment start.

Chaeng slag vertical mill production line Why can emerge in the field of environmental protection and efficient equipment?

First, the Chaeng vertical mill slag processing simple:

Chaeng vertical mill machine Applications mainly concentrated in the construction industry, slag vertical mill performance benefits of a stand-alone operation is particularly evident, a vertical mill machine can play crushing, grinding, classification and other functions. Thus, the Chaeng slag vertical mill production process layout is very simple, completely replaced the old production line in various combinations of equipment, simplifies the production process of the material.

Second, vertical mill high production efficiency:

Chaeng Vertical Mill grinding principle is to direct rolling material crushing, ball mill higher productivity than about 50%, to improve the economic efficiency of enterprises, in the shortest time cost recovery has an important significance.

Mentioned slag production line of high efficiency, quick recovery of costs, had to talk about Xinxiang City Star cement plant, the cement plant in 2011 and a one-time signed a 600,000 tons a host device GRMS46.41 slag vertical mill and 300,000 t/a of slag production line two construction contracts with Chaeng. And officially put into operation in 2012, put into operation two years ore sales are very popular products in short supply! Soon recover the cost, and then in 2013 with the construction of Chaeng a production line of 600,000 t/a slag grinding line, which production line in early April this year, production equipment running smoothly considerable economic benefit.

Third, the vertical mill produce high intelligence:

Chaeng GRM series vertical mill slag production line design principles are very intelligent. Well-known mill main wearing parts are grinding roller and liner, the wear of these parts in contact with the material directly subject to relatively high. In order to reduce equipment wear and reduce post-maintenance costs, Chaeng vertical roller mill liner sleeve and no direct contact. Millstone intermediate roller sleeve and leave some space to prevent equipment wear and vibration material crushing process of causing.

Fourth, the production of environmentally friendly high-performance roller mill:

Vertical mill slag processing equipment prices 30% lower than the cost of an ordinary slag production line, but they can achieve higher material production capacity. As raw material mill device of choice, the use of closed vertical mill grinding system for production, will not leak dust, will not pollute the environment.

Fifth, customers across the country:

Chaeng Through years of efforts to develop a series of GRMS slag vertical mill, vertical roller mill slag, GRMK series cement vertical mill is fully equipped with an annual output of 20-100 ten thousand tons vertical mill slag production line capacity, and its products sold to various provinces in the country, such as: Shanghai Baosteel and Chaeng signed an annual 1.5 million tons (2 × 60 tons of slag, steel slag 300,000 tons) of composite powder production line turnkey contract, Hebei Xinji Aosen steel plant 600,000 tons of raw ore total package, Hejin City, the Galaxy cement plant annual output of 300,000 tons of slag powder production line construction. Chaeng future vertical mill slag produced high economic and social benefits earned high market visibility and reputation.

Chaeng since its inception, has always been implementing the "people-oriented, integrity management" business philosophy has always adhere to the "Where to sell products, and services to go" service. Jiexin provide consumers with quality products and efficient service, and improve industry standards and make unremitting efforts.