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What are the advantages to choose vertical roller mill for grinding production?

2016-08-08 14:08:15

 Currently on the market there are many grinding mill products, but with different materials suitable for grinding and grinding effects different series mill, and similar legislation for the paper mill products, talk about the development and production company vertical mill machine at the grinding production advantage.


Q: What type of material in this series vertical mill machine can grind ?

A: The company produced this series of major equipment can be used to grinding following materials, such as cement, coal, feldspar, calcite, talc, fluorite, iron ore, copper, phosphate rock, graphite, quartz, slag and so on.

Q: How much the fineness of vertical grinding mill can grind?

A: The above material, the fineness of grind coal no specific value is displayed, but the above mineral products such as feldspar, calcite, etc., the machine can be between 80 mesh to 400 mesh grinding fineness of their size, for the slag and other hard materials, it can grinding fineness of mesh size between 80 to 325 mesh.

Q: In more than similar products, the same kind of fineness of grinding conditions, What are the advantages of the company developed the vertical roller mill with respect to the other mill ?

A: The following is advantages of the mill's main products , let's them out.

Because the vertical roller mill is used in a vertical structure, that is mounted below the host machine, and the separator is installed in the above, this structure can save space, save floor space. In addition, the vertical structure of the device makes the machine more features diversify the collection material crushing, material drying,material grinding and material transport is one, above two points, making it a relatively low investment costs, saving the user money.

vertical mill grinding system install dust collection devices and dust removal device, can be good to avoid leakage of powder material into the air and cause air pollution. In addition, vibration mill production system is relatively small, the noise is relatively low flour , can effectively reduce noise pollution.