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complete sand making plant by CHAENG

2020-06-10 15:33:40

Sand and stone production line refers to a complete crushing plant composed of large blocks of sand and stone materials and many crushing and processing equipment to process them into finished sand and stone materials with different particle sizes. The scope of sand making plant is very wide. It is not only widely used in construction projects and building materials processing projects of sand and stone production line, but also in large-scale cement production and concrete production Application of production line.

sand making production line.jpg

The equipment composition of sand making plant is almost the same, which is composed of vibrating feeder +stone crusher + vibrating screen equipment. The difference is reflected in the time output and production projects. For the production line with large time output, it is not only necessary to equip the supporting equipment with large time output, but also the requirements for the relevant dust and noise reduction equipment are relatively high.

In the construction sand making project, some of the large materials are processed into stone or stone powder by the crusher equipment, and some are processed into large sandstone by the sand making machine equipment. The stone can be used in the construction production project, and the sandstone can be used in the production project of artificial sand required by the railway.

In the production projects of concrete and cement sand, according to the requirements of cement production or concrete production, the finished sand and stone materials that meet the production requirements are produced, and then the finished cement materials or concrete materials that are mixed and processed are produced.

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Under the current tide of great development of infrastructure construction, ordinary aggregate has been difficult to meet the requirements of many production projects. Only aggregate can meet the requirements of concrete cement production and large-scale construction production projects. The demand of aggregate production line is more, which can make full use of natural sand resources.

Energy saving, environmental protection and high efficiency aggregate production line has gradually replaced the original traditional aggregate production line, changed the past disorderly production of aggregate, the inherent impression of serious environmental pollution, and built a new aggregate production line with orderly production and low environmental pollution, which has become a new direction for the development of aggregate industry in the future.