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200-5000t/d Cement production line manufactured by CHAENG

2017-12-16 14:40:06

Chaeng has been manufacturing cement kilns 60 years and has vast experience in designing this high-demand equipment type. We have been constantly improving our technologies and have a goal of implementing the latest generation equipment which allows decreasing the cement production line and reaching European environmental protection targets.

200-5000t/d Cement production line

The cement kilns are a source of about 5 % of man-caused carbon dioxide emissions. It is recognised that CO2 is the main cause of global warming due to its capability of holding solar energy in atmosphere generating the so-called greenhouse effect.

The developed countries which have ratified Kyoto Protocol support the idea of decreasing the greenhouse gas and sulphur dioxide (SO2) emission decrease. As the second-largest carbon dioxide emission source (next to electric power generation facilities), cement industry must make its contribution to achievement of the set goals.

The main environmental impacts during cement production are caused by the following factors:

- dust (chimney emissions and volatile components)

- gaseous emissions to atmosphere (NOx, SO2, CO2, VOC, others)

- other emissions (noise and vibrations, smell, waste water, production wastes, etc.)

- resource consumption (power, raw materials)

200-5000t/d Cement production line

The main cause of dust emissions are raw material plants, calcination kilns, clinker coolers and cement mills. The main peculiarity of these processes is the fact that the hot exhaust gas or exhaust air flow through the material comminuted to dust forming dispersed mixture of gas and dust. The main properties of the particles depend on the source material, i.e. clinker and or cement.

There are three main ways to reduce harmful emissions:

· Using alternative fuel

· Using raw materials which are most easy in processing

· Using optimised equipment and improved filtration systems

The most of cement-producing companies strive to implement all three trends. As a famous cement kiln manufacturer designs and manufactures cement production lines where all equipment facilitates in observing high environmental standards. Implementation of up-to-date dust removal equipment allows decreasing the adverse environmental impact several fold.