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why the market is favored chaeng GRM series vertical mill

2017-12-18 13:45:13

Recently, chaeng contract construction of a number of waste slag production lines have been put into operation, the host are selected chaeng independent research and development of GRM series vertical mill. Since 2008, the first slag grinding mill production so far,it has more than 100 sets of GRM series vertical mill into the grinding production line project.

GRM series vertical mill

GRM series vertical mill is in the study of foreign models based on the combination of China's actual situation for innovative research, independent development of independent intellectual property rights of the vertical mill models. GRM series vertical mill set grinding, powder, drying, material conveying four functions as one, with a centralized process, small footprint, less investment, energy saving and so on.

Following the 2016 early five vertical mill technology access to the State Intellectual Property Office issued a utility model patent certificate, the recent chaeng eight vertical mill technology and the State Intellectual Property Office issued a utility model patent certificate, chaeng vertical mill R & D Results continue to make new breakthroughs.

A vertical roller mill with pre-loaded material and positioning blanking

Treatment System of Steel Slag Grinding

Slagging mill outside the rolling material without dust transport iron removal system

Abrasive layer reloading device

A centralized blanking device for preventing offset and material segregation in vertical grinding

Sieving machine on-line crushing and crushing device

New environmentally friendly bulk machine

A new type of ground mill leak-proof material scraping plate frame