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CHAENG Slag Vertical Mill price China Manufacture

2017-12-22 14:09:12

In the field of powder equipment manufacturing, the Great Wall machinery experienced, leading technology applications, technical service superb service, strong sense of team service, non-metallic mineral mine to achieve higher market value of the preferred grinding mill equipment manufacturers.

 CHAENG Slag Vertical Mill price China Manufacture

1. Great Wall Machinery is a professional manufacturer of slag mill

Slag vertical mill is an  energy-saving mill milling equipment, in order to meet the needs of slag milling, the Great Wall machinery market depth understanding of the application of slag, combined with its own rich experience in R & D and manufacturing , Draws on advanced production technology, the final production of slag vertical mill powder efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, low noise, equipment, simple process, small footprint, wear-resistant materials less consumption, is a professional application in the field of slag milling Where the best choice, can effectively solve the common mill output low, high energy consumption milling bottlenecks, high market share in the field of slag.

2. Great Wall machinery slag mill advantage analysis

Great Wall machinery slag mill vertical system of small vibration, low noise, high grinding efficiency, low energy consumption, and the ball mill compared to 40% -50% lower energy consumption; the whole system sealed, all negative pressure operation, no dust spill , The new roller seal device, sealing more reliable, low wear, grinding roller, grinding disc liner with special materials, roller sleeve can be used upside down, extending the life of wear-resistant materials; the finished product morphology Uniform, narrow particle size distribution, good fluidity, strong product adaptability, in line with the national energy-saving emission reduction requirements of production, in the field of mining powder with high market competitiveness, is the first choice for enterprises to achieve higher market value.