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The Material and Process of CHAENG Slag Pot

2018-04-13 15:45:53

CHAENG engineers adopt suitable material ZG230-450, ZG270-500, ZG310-570, ZG340-640 and so on, customize and optimize the casting technology according to actual operating conditions. So CHAENG casted steel slag pots have: excellent high temperature mechanical properties, good thermal cracking resistance, stable manufacturing process and so on.

slag pot, steel casting,CHAENG slag pot

CHAENG slag pot Process:

• Melting

The melting is carried out in the oxygen steel plant; the ladle capacity allows a continuous bottom pouring process the speed of which is permanently controlled. The metal analysis is checked by using a computer linked spectrograph.

• Heat treatment

- Heating to a temperature above AR3, austenitising at about 915°C and controlled cooling in furnace

- Intermediate holding at 600°C - 630°C and completion of cooling in furnace down to 300°C

• Fettling and dressing

The inner surface is processed fit-for-purpose so that the surface discontinuities - which might cause some sticking of the slag - are extensively removed. Additionally, the castings are descaled by shot blasting and the outside is additionally coated for transportation.

slag pot, steel casting,CHAENG slag pot


CHAENG slag pot Features:

1.Select proper materials and optimize the casting processes of slag pot, according to customers’ actual operation conditions and actual demands.

2.Digital simulation for casting process through CAE software, to optimize the slag pot casting process.

3.Longer service life, 6000 times of usage frequency.

4.Excellent high-temperature mechanical properties, good thermal cracking resistance.

5.First maintenance can be done 2~3 months later than similar products from other manufacturers.

6.Level 2 of flaw detection - Ultrasonic and magnetic particle flaw detection level can reach the second level of national standards.

7.Smooth inner wall of slag pot, to avoid adhering slag during operation.