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The factors of various indicators for cement rotary kiln

2018-05-04 16:15:03

The overall efficiency of the cement rotary kiln is determined by many aspects. Generally speaking, the speed of rotary kiln has a proportional relation to feeding volume. If the feeding capacity is too large or too small, it will seriously affect the speed of the rotary kiln, and even failure to the whole machine. So, it is important to accordingly adjust the feeding capacity.

rotary kiln, cement production line, ball mill

The method of adjusting feeding amount: the primary factor is the thickness of material layer in rotary kiln, which means the appropriate material loading rate is crucial. The feeders must be synchronous with kiln speed, and keeps uniform material layer. The adjusts of feeding amount in differentiation stage is not only depends on the status of kiln interior, but also the condition in differentiation process, which more than 50% heating consumption. However, the feeder after differentiation will be changed in order to keeps uniform material layers and ignore other factors. It eventually will cause shakes in the kiln, but still valuable and necessary because of less heating time and higher heating transfer rate, rather than rotary kiln adjusting process.

rotary kiln, cement production line, ball mill

To sum up, the quality of clinker out of rotary kiln is determined by strictly feeding amount control. The in-time feeding adjusting is necessary along with working condition.

rotary kiln, cement production line, ball mill

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