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What Kind of Preparation is Needed for Rotary Kiln Production Investment?

2018-09-26 15:25:54

With the development of the times, the mining industry has entered the path of normal development. For example, the development of the rotary kiln production line has developed from a terracotta kiln that has been ubiquitous into a large-scale environmentally-friendly rotary kiln, keeping pace with the times and making the industrial environment more vigorous. Taking large-scale rotary kiln production as an example, what investment preparations do you need to make?

rotary kiln, girth gear, support roller

1. Conduct environmental approval

Although the rotary kiln has developed to the current relatively environmentally friendly level, most of the fuel required is still pulverized coal, which is still a great pressure on the environment. The national environmental protection policy clearly stipulates that the start of the rotary kiln project must be approved by the government environmental protection bureau. Therefore, in order to complete a complete rotary kiln production line, it must first pass the government project approval.

2. Select project sites

The rotary kiln belongs to large-scale industrial production equipment and needs to occupy a certain land area. Users need to consider the mineral resources and environment of the project site, and they need to have a certain understanding of these to ensure the normal production and processing in the later period. The choice of project site is particularly important.

3. Select the right manufacturer equipment

The project needs to select equipment at the beginning of planning, so we must first understand the scale of production. Have a clear understanding of the specifications and production of the equipment. The choice of equipment is actually the choice of the manufacturer. The quality of rotary kiln manufacturers on the market is uneven. Xinxiang Great Wall was established in 1958. In the development of large-scale kiln grinding for nearly 60 years, rotary kiln equipment has been widely recognized by customers and sold at home and abroad.

rotary kiln, girth gear, support roller

4. Adequate fund preparation

Rotary kiln equipment is not only a hurdle in environmental protection approval, but also needs to be prepared in terms of funds. The new era of rotary kiln production line projects have more than doubled the investment cost of the previous kiln equipment. At the same time, when you choose a manufacturer, don't choose a manufacturer with too low price. The low price is not necessarily high quality. In the industrial field, the low price is the performance of low quality. In order to be able to operate for a long time in order to use the rotary kiln, it is necessary to choose a reliable manufacturer.

rotary kiln, girth gear, support roller

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