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Analyze on the Cause of Rotary Kiln Deformation from CHAENG

2018-10-11 16:25:50

In large-scale mechanical equipment, the rotary kiln cylinder is used as the supporting and rotating parts of the equipment. During the operation of the equipment, it is exposed to high temperature for a long time. Because the kiln mouth section is often burned and deformed, it is necessary to replace the new cylinder section when it is serious. If the new cylinder is not replaced in time, it will seriously affect the normal operation of the equipment.

cement grinding station,rotary kiln,vertical roller mill

The reason as follows:

1. The output is too large, and the wear of the kiln cylinder material is intensified, which is easy to cause overheat deformation of the cylinder.

2. The heat flow is too large, the cooling zone is short or even no, the working environment of the kiln mouth is bad, the temperature of the cement kiln clinker is 1300-1400 °C, and the secondary air temperature is 1000-2000 °C.

3, the cylinder temperature is too high, the thermal expansion is large, the strength of the high temperature resistant material is seriously attenuated.

cement grinding station,rotary kiln,vertical roller mill

4. The looseness of the rotary kiln manufacture mouth shield bolt causes the refractory material to fall off, thereby burning the cylinder.

5, burning contaminated soil, improper handling caused serious corrosion of the cylinder, in severe cases will burn the kiln collapse.

6. Corrosion of kiln cylinder by sulfur, phosphorus and chlorine, in addition to reducing the thinning strength of the kiln cylinder, it will reduce the shape of the steel and increase the brittleness of the steel, which may lead to brittle failure of the kiln cylinder.

cement grinding station,rotary kiln,vertical roller mill

cement grinding station,rotary kiln,vertical roller mill