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CHAENG Steel Casting Spare Parts Processing Technology

2018-10-12 16:31:19

The hollow shaft and large ring gear of the ball mill in the building materials machinery; the grinding roller sleeve and the grinding disc liner of the vertical mill; the cylinder and the belt of the rotary kiln; Xinxiang Great Wall can select the appropriate wooden mold for the different requirements of customers. Design, using Hua cast CAE simulation casting before pouring, strictly in accordance with the process of “wood mold – modeling – smelting and pouring – insulation – clearing sand – heat treatment – roughing and adding – packaging delivery”, casting high quality castings . Meet the individual needs of steel castings in different industries.

slag pot, grinding table, CHAENG


Xinxiang Great Wall has a large casting and processing base in the north of Henan Province. It has rich casting experience and advanced testing instruments and processing equipment. It can help customers to carry out raw material testing, including finished product inspection of hardness and precision of castings, with real and reliable analytical data. Help customers to develop in different fields according to the needs of different equipment accessories; and the exquisite craftsmanship and meticulous casting process ensure the quality of castings as a whole, and can produce the best quality spare parts for customers!

slag pot, grinding table, CHAENG

slag pot, grinding table, CHAENG

CHAENG main products are large steel casting under 120t per piece and steel ingot below 30t per piece, such as

Building materials machinery: ball mill hollow shaft, ring gear, sliding track, vertical mill grinding table, grinding roller, kiln supporting roller, kiln tyre.