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Large steel casting anvil block fabrication for forging machine

2019-07-23 17:36:59

CHAENG (Great Wall Steel Casting) mainly customized large steel castings for the building materials industry, metallurgical industry and forging industry. The anvil block is an important part of the forging machine and die forging hammer in the forging industry. The die forging hammer has poor working conditions, and the anvil as its largest stressed part will be subject to frequent impact and overload, especially in the final forging, the overload condition is more serious, and it is prone to early damage.

CHAENG has a team of professional technical experts to establish a scientific and complete technology, production and operation management system to effectively ensure the quality of products required by customers. And CHAENG uses high-strength steel, unique heat treatment technology and water glass sand casting process to ensure the strength and hardness of the anvil.


steel casting anvil block


CHAENG is able to produce large cast steel anvil larger than one ton per piece, the largest anvil block CHAENG has made is a 132-ton anvil for the Chinese forging industry leading enterprise - a Henan famous forging company. The good quality of the CHAENG large cast steel anvil is not only praised by domestic users. In 2018, the company manufactured a large anvil weighing 105.5 tons for Indian customers and was highly recognized by customers.


anvil block


CHAENG has effectively solved various problems of anvil casting, and provided customers with reliable and large-scale cast steel anvils. Welcome to consult!

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