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How to reduce the daily cost of rotary kiln
2015-12-07 10:07:44

As an important equipment in cement production line, rotary kiln mainly rely on lots of coal combustion increase heat to finished the work,energy consumption has become an issue majority users concerned. Thus, how to reduce the energy saving of rotary kiln?


1. Reduce heat loss of clinker in cooling process

Using single barrel cooling machine to reduce heat, and set a cooling machine at the head of rotary kiln to seal against short circuit.

2. Reduce heat loss of rotary kiln inner wall

Rotary kiln radiate heat out through inner wall which heat consumption takes up 12% of clinker heat consumption. Build refractory brick in the kiln can reduce heat loss of inner wall. According to data, build refractory brick can drop the cylinder surface temperature 50 centigrade. Besides, brush fireproof paint in the surface of rotary kiln is also concerned to decrease radiation.

3. Reduce incomplete combustion heat loss; reduce heat loss evaporation, kiln dust and waste gas taken away.

As rotary kiln manufacturer, we Great Wall Machinery put reduce energy consumption of rotary kiln as a new attack technology. The way to setting a single barrel cooling machine has the advantages of simple structure, high activity rate and easy maintenance. This is one way to reduce energy consumption of rotary kiln, if you want to know more, please call us or leave message.