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The new technology of cement grinding mill has a number of advertages
2015-12-18 10:45:40

The new technology has a number of advantages in comparison with ball grinding mill:

  1.specific energy consumption for grinding of portland cement clinker with the use of centrifugal impact mills is 12-18% less than specific energy consumption for grinding in ball mills;

  2.cement mixes based on cements produced by centrifugal impact mills are 4-6 l/m3 less water-needed, and the consumption of cement is 7-13 kg/m3 less;

  3.The specialists of GW Center have also worked out a technology of mixed portland cement production.

  4.The GW were tested in heavy concretes of the sorts 12,5 and 7,5 and it was stated that the concretes physical, mechanical and operating performance is standard. The technology provides for substantial production cost reduction.

  5.In 2009 some research works on regrinding of ordinary sorted cements with the use of GW Center centrifugal impact mills were carried out. The goal was to determinate means of improvement of the binding agent sort, the influence of activation effect on concrete characteristics (particles surface activity increase after grinding) and a possibility to use sticky cements to produce concrete mixes after preliminary grinding.