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Cement vertical mill and roll press Comparative Analysis

2016-07-15 14:58:50

 At this year's International Cement Summit, industry experts whether or exhibition business, have called the second generation of new cement grinding equipment reform, therefore, the reporter visited to participate in the China International Cement Technology and Equipment Exhibition some companies found , cement vertical mill applications and markets have been excavated.

2013HMQX5EVjoV.jpgcement vertical mill also known as cement clinker vertical mill, by virtue of its simple operation, easy maintenance, energy-saving effect obviously be applied in many foreign cement production line, but also makes good use of the results of the International Conference on SAF Dole in 2009 on, to be the experts reached a consensus: vertical mill is an advanced, economical, practical and advanced grinding equipment.

However, due to technical limitations and lack of knowledge, cement vertical mill has not been fully opened in the Chinese market, only some cement companies attempt, reached the following conclusions:

1, although the roller press system less investment, but the late equipment and more, so large area, high construction costs, overall doing, vertical mill and roller press with a total investment considerably. when Cement vertical mill grinding cement , in addition to clinker, but can add up to 30% of the fly ash and slag powder, but ball mill grinding fly ash, the proportion of participation can not exceed 10%, so the waste recycling can greatly reduce corporate environmental taxes.

2, cement vertical mill compared to roller presses , a significant saving of cement per ton compared with roller press process saving 3-5 degrees. It is reported,Xinxiang Chaeng Co. cement vertical mill electrical energy consumption 25kWh / t, that is to say: only a 5000TPD cement clinker grinding Energy Saving: 15kWh / tX5000t / dX300d = 2250,0000kWh (ie one year cement clinker grinding degree can save 22.5 million), energy-saving effect is very obvious.

Cement vertical grinding mill collection, drying, classification as a whole, less auxiliary equipment, a machine can, small footprint, small dust pollution, a new generation of new environmentally friendly cement grinding equipment, in line with the national energy saving policy.