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How about vertical mill for cement grinding

2022-08-16 17:34:34

Increasing production and reducing consumption of cement grinding systems have always been the focus of cement enterprises. Cement production enterprises all hope that their cement output is high, energy consumption is low, and the cost is low, which requires high-quality cement grinding equipment. As new grinding equipment in recent years, what is the effect of vertical roller mill?

Some users feel that the cement clinker and the mixed material are sent into the mill together for mixing and grinding, and there will be a phenomenon that the easy-to-grind materials are over-ground, but the difficult-to-grind materials cannot be fully ground, which not only affects the quality of cement products, but also It will also affect the performance of the mill due to "over-grinding". The new vertical roller mill 
of CHAENG adopts a new generation of cement grinding technology. Although the cost is higher than that of the ball mill, the production process system is simple. It integrates grinding, drying, powder selection, and transportation. The equipment is compact and occupies a small area. The grinding efficiency is high, the power consumption can be reduced by more than 30%, and the vertical grinding system has a strong drying capacity. Using the new hot blast stove as an auxiliary heat source, it can dry 20% of the raw material moisture. The mill has been successfully applied as cement final grinding equipment.
With the continuous progress of science and technology, cement grinding technology has shown a trend of diversification. The continuous innovation of the new vertical cement grinding process has greatly increased the output of the equipment per hour. The power consumption is also greatly reduced, which can achieve the goals of high quality, high yield, energy saving, environmental protection, safety, and clean production, promote the green development of cement, and improve social and economic benefits!