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How does Gypsum Rotary Kiln Work?

2016-03-01 15:38:03

Gypsum rotary kiln is a kiln for continuous processes in thermal and process technology. It consists of gear ring,support roller,rotating cylinder (around its axis) and stationary product infeed and discharge housing.

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The analysis for new slag powder grinding technology

2016-02-29 11:30:03

The slag powder is used to the concrete projects, such as projects involving in roads and bridges, which have higher requirements for bending strength. Meanwhile, the slag powder also suits to make concrete with high strength and high performance .The two

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How does make cement ball mill machine technical improvements

2016-02-20 10:47:45

In past 20 years, the dry grinding circuits for the production of finished cement from cement clinker consist of two-compartment cement ball mill machines and the air separators. It is not uncommon to produce the cement in an open circuit.

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What is the application of slag cement from vertical roller mill grinding

2016-02-17 16:04:12

Slag cement from vertical roller mill grinding is most widely used in concrete, either as a separate cementitious component or as part of a blended cement.

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How to grind slag with vertical roller mill

2016-02-16 15:32:50

 Granulated blast furnace slag, a by-product of pig iron production, has been used as an important component of blast furnace cement for many years, due to its latent hydraulic properties.

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Four Technologies of Great Wall vertical roller Grinding Mill won the National Patents

2016-01-29 16:34:19

 Recently, four technologies of Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery Co. – powder selecting device of vertical mill ", " the roller sleeve disassembly device," " feeding device applied to vertical mill," " bearing cooling device of vertical mill Separator

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The ROI of slag grinding plant

2016-01-25 14:48:26

 As the important equivalent substitutes for cement production, slag powder can not only significantly improve the overall performance of cement and concrete, but also significantly reduce the production cost.

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How to reduce the horizontal vibration of cement grinding ball mill

2016-01-21 15:27:53

 The kinemantic scheme with the measurement locations and several representative spectra and timewaves are in the attched file. The dominant vibrations are in the horizontal direction of measurement while at the same time I noticed also high levels of axi

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The renovation of cement grinding ball mill from Great Wall machinery

2016-01-20 15:06:23

Great Wall Machinery has successfully completed the commissioning of cement grinding ball mill for a cement manufacturing company in Saudi Arabia.

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In steel slag processing plant,how to deal with dump slag?

2016-01-19 14:24:40

 At the steelmakers request,they need have direct furnace digging capabilities with enhanced front-end specialty loaders. These specialty loaders are also used in digging the blast furnace pits at our integrated locations. In addition, we design, construc

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Cement rotary kiln operation skill

2016-01-13 13:39:13

 When checking the temperatures of cement rotary kiln spare parts, record the direction of thrust of each individual support roller. For example, is the roller shaft in the downhill direction and thrusting the kiln uphill, or is it in the uphill direction

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Cement Factory equipment daily maintenance

2016-01-12 17:07:59

 The ways in which maintenance will be judged, not only from the availability of the equipment and the costs of maintenance, but also from the overall equipment effectiveness. Availability of spare parts will make a vital contribution to the effectiveness

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How to make flame correction for rotary kiln shell

2016-01-11 14:35:10

 Rotary kiln shell is the ordinary structure for the rotary kiln. When it is installed, it is always welded on the site by several big shell parts. After these parts are jointed, it will happen that two axial lines are not coaxial, which will has bad impa

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The influencing factors of jaw crusher work efficiency

2016-01-09 10:38:45

  Crushing efficiency is one of the main parameters of primary jaw crusher, and analyzing crushing efficiency has an important guiding meaning to improving the crushing effect of stone jaw crusher.

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How to Improve the Ball Mill Working Efficiency

2016-01-05 16:59:22

The influence factors of ball mill working efficiency are approximately proportional, some nonlinear, some relevant, and such factors as matching filling ratio of grinding media will change along with the implementation of the grinding process and the los

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How to determine the drying quality of rotary dryer?

2015-12-28 11:06:05

Rotary dryer is a key equipment in many mine production line, it will be influenced by many factors when using.

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How to maintain rotary kiln spare parts

2015-12-24 14:55:17

The kiln tyre and support roller are the important parts of rotary kiln,they are quick-wear parts,so we need maintain them frequently!

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The rapid expansion of the construction bring business opportunities to cement grinding machines

2015-12-19 10:35:34

As the saying goes,no investigation no right to speak, so is the cement industry, cement making machine development must meet the needs of the market, at the same time, it need to develop science and technology,to create a higher price, in order to better

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The new technology of cement grinding mill has a number of advertages

2015-12-18 10:45:40

The new technology has a number of advantages in comparison with ball grinding mill:

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How to reduce the daily cost of rotary kiln

2015-12-07 10:07:44

As an important equipment in cement production line, rotary kiln mainly rely on lots of coal combustion increase heat to finished the work,energy consumption has become an issue majority users concerned. Thus, how to reduce the energy saving of rotary kil

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The speed control of cement rotary kiln

2015-11-26 16:01:30

  In cement production line, when rotary kiln needs cooling and temperature rise, its running speed needs to be slowed down. Here Great Wall Machinery will give a detailed analysis on the speed reduction of cement rotary kiln.

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vertical grinding mill production technology

2015-11-19 17:04:20

 With the development of economic, the exploitation value of the metal mineral and non-metallic mineral has increased day by day. According to related statistics, the trend of development of the non-metallic mineral raw materials in the future is high pur

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how does ball mill make the daily maintenance?

2015-11-17 14:28:22

Ball Mill repair and maintenance are crucial for assuring manufacture efficiency. If not maintained properly, ball mill run-time will be reduced causing substantial economic losses.

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The Ways of Improving the capacity of jaw crusher

2015-11-09 10:30:14

The Ways of Improving the capacity of jaw crusher has three kinds:
1.Properly increasing the horizontal throw of discharging mouth is the key.
When it is incre

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Rotary Kiln Production Technology

2015-10-16 16:59:47

Rotary kilns are equipments which supply tremendous amounts of heat in order to change the chemical composition of an object.

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