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How to make flame correction for rotary kiln shell
2016-01-11 14:35:10

  Rotary kiln shell is the ordinary structure for the lime rotary kiln. When it is installed, it is always welded on the site by several big shell parts. After these parts are jointed, it will happen that two axial lines are not coaxial, which will has bad impact on the normal working of the rotary kiln. So the axes of jointed rotary kiln shell must be corrected. Xinxiang great wall group adopts the flame correction method to treat the jointed shell, which has obtained good result. Flame correction adopts the plastic deformation after the metal is local heated offsets the prime deformation, it will up to the correction aim.


  The metal material of the rotary kiln shell is usually carbon structural steel or low alloy high tensile structural steel. Q235 or Q345 is the common steel. The heated point should be max close axis up to the jointed point; the cross section of the jointed point is the jointed ring welding position. The edge of the heating zone distances the welding line at least 300mm; we should avoid the impact on the welding line. Because the thermal conductivity of steel board of the shell is good, the total heat of heating flame must be enough, especially when heating the big area, using several heating guns simultaneously heat inner and out shell, endeavor to heat the heating area up to the required temperature in short time, it is benefit for correction.

  The flame correction is not only available for axis correction, but also for the correction of the jointed cone cylinder pillar of the wind driven generator